Why thursdays are the new fridays with Culture Wars at WOMH

Sometimes i feel like we over hype ourselves for the weekend and in doing so we set ourselves to fail. I dunno if its because we get older or the work week gets us feeling stress or anxious but Fridays tend to be  overrated. We set up a image of what the weekend bar scenes is supposed to be like, or going to the clubs or shows,you know like what we see in movies and ads but it usually turns out the same,a ton of people at the bar, takes forever to order a drink, a jam pack show where you cant really move  or people who aren’t there for the band so their snapchatting,instagraming, talking over the music,and lines to the bathroom that move slower than dial up internet connections. This is why Thursdays for me are quickly becoming my new fridays,with Culture Wars alongside Deep Cuts and Camera Cult delivered one of the best shows this week this past thursday. It was my first time checking out Culture wars but i was in for a surprise that i wasn’t quite sure what to expect. This is why you need to know and remember the name Culture Wars .

photo by rohofoto – https://twitter.com/rohofoto


The Austin-based trio features lead vocalist Alex Dugan, Mic Vredenburgh on guitar and electronics, and David Grayson on drums. The buzz on Culture Wars has been building since the release of their self-titled EP which debuted on Earmilk. Lead single “Money (Gimmie, Gimmie)” premiered on PopMatters, and Culture Wars was also featured in Apple Music’s “Breaking Alternative” and “Breaking Rock” official playlists. They will be making their debut at SXSW 2018 in March.

Its very clear to say their aesthetics and sounds are very clear and carefully chosen from the beginning. This is something i enjoy in artist who have a clear vision of their style from the beginning, There is nothing wrong of artist who change up their style as years go by but its a tricky thing this art/music thing.  Culture Wars seems like a appropriate name considering how much the influences and sounds this band has been able to merge to create its own sound, but here is the the ”but” its a style ive seen a hundred times before in this genre, at first glance you may confuse them with many other acts. Then again are we really paying attention to the music?


Culture War live was definitely as interesting show, An Unknown announcer voice appears suggesting that you keep your cellphones out and to point them at your face and to continue to snap,Instagram,photograph,share,retweet,etc. At the end of the message the sponsors of said message was brought to us by Cheetos and Johnny Walker black.

what my lunch looks like during finals



Now the show

It was very energetic and there were a lot of lights like any show would have, the band started to play and I must be brutally honest readers of the blog or visitors of the site may notice we don’t post too many bands of this genre in here and there’s a good reason why. Over the last couple of years there has been a string of copy cats and imitations of the sound and style that of the Artic Monkeys ,The Killers,The Strokes, The National , etc. has produce waves of imitations, all of which copy style over substance. As I stood among the crowd hearing familiar guitar rifts and a baseline i heard before the tempo changed a little and vocals brought my attention back to the performance away from the lights, away from the couple next to me snapchatting the night and away from the bros at the bar asking for shots.


Familiar style but different substance

Culture Wars was perhaps drawing you in with familiar sounds and images but it was a war that they wanted to make sure you knew were they stood,on the side that was different from the normal pop sounds of ads,of everyday consumerism. I believe the best example i give to audiences who may not be sure to give Culture Wars a proper listen is to set the stage of this past thursday night. The Vocalist Alex Dugan creates an stage for himself, one that is honest and sincere. His vocals carry a strong presence of what the band is trying to express to its audience. Culture Wars is presenting something honest and refreshing in this genre.One that will be quickly grab your attention once you give them your full attention.

Its a weird experience because at the same time a genre like electro pop rock, is kinda a form of escapism with the awesome vocals and amazing sounds of Mic Vredenburgh It definitely painted a picture of  fun,synth electronic guitar sounds , but the vocals also provided a sound that was brutal and honest. I think this is what ultimately will draw in fans to the band, their genuine sound and energy.

Next Thursday

I highly recommend you seem them live next time they roll into town, or at their SXSW debut, and give this band a proper listen to  the next Thursday night on spotify ,before the weekend when we all just escape to hide away from the work week cause you’ll see there’s alot of bands/artist/songs that people snapchat away to,take shots to, but it quickly loses their attention. like the weekend its fades away as quickly as monday rolls around. Makes sure to not a be a weekender, give a proper treat to yourself and listen to Culture Wars and compare them to the imitations you’ll hear at the dancehalls,bars you’ll see and hear the difference. I highly look forward to hearing more of this amazing band.


Culture Wars