Day for Night Day 1

As i get dropped of from my uber driver i am greeted by the sheer excitement from the other ateendees who are walking at a very fast pace to the ticket lines of the festival. While in line i do a quick check of everything i need and prepare myself for the day. I had no real preparation for the sheer incredible force of nature that dayfornight is.

We are greeted by the welcome to houston group comprised of: Composed of more than a dozen of Houston’s most legendary hip hop artists — Z-Ro, Lil’ Flip, Slim ThugBun BMike JonesDevin the Dude, Paul Wall, Lil’ Keke, Yungsta, Big T, E.S.G., J Dawg, Lil’ O, Swisha House Click, DJ DMD and DJ Michael Watts — Welcome To Houston unites several decades of the city’s best performers.

The amazing perfomance from this amazing collective of the city finest and most celebrated artist was a total mindfuck. NOt only were we bless with Devin the dude flies a drone trough the crowd as he sings what a job this is but the hearing Bun B ,Slim thug and Z-RO pure raw energy on stage left me thinking that we are only entering a small portion of what DFN has prepared for us.  It was a wild scene i don’t get to see very often not only some of my favorite rappers on stage but each one of them making cameos one after the other. Even local cameos

Mike Jones joins in with slim thug as they sing the Mike Jones  still tippin, the sheer amazing energy the crowd gives back to the artist are definitely how i got lost reciting the lyrics to the song.

I cant but help but love seeing how Lil KeKe came on stage with Jhonny dang to many of the visitors from the around the world who may not be familiar with Johnny dang hes always been present in the music scene and in music videos but having him  here on stage felt like a blessing as well .

Yubgsta takes to the stage with big t. Perf is lively enter Definitely a different sound from the older generation of artist there but the crowd receives them with love and cheer. Yet if there are anyone else who stole the show ,who commanded the stage and definitely made his presence be felt as strongly as on stage and to the crowd it was Z-ro. I cannot stop talking about how great his performance was and how the raw energy made me feel even more excited than i already was for the day .
Zero is the king of the stage, if there was somebody commanding this amazing set

Devin the dude flew his drone around the crowd in a playfull manner and it made me feel happy that much like the drone and the local cameos and hearing people behind me to hurry to the art installation this was a melting or forge new prototype of a festival that truly is embracing the arts and music and community awareness.

Herman Kolgen

If welcome to houston was the city welcoming us to the beautiful force of nature that is the city Hermamn Kolgen was the winds coming to the city. I have never seen Hermman played before but what opportunities would we have had if not for DFN again i may sound like a broken record but we are just never gonna be able to give enough credit and love to the staff and founders of DFN because seeing Hermman kolgen was truly a beautiful sight of nature.  The multi disciplinary was not only i felt the appropriate welcoming artist for the blue stage but also for the festival. I feel like this performance went under the radar a bit but we truly need to value how important this was. It was a sort of blessing for not only the sound but for the visual as well and if there were any signs of this it would be the united visual artists and aphex twin and bjork coming to fufill that blessing in some sort of spiritual visual aesthetic that is in the spirit of uniting sound and visual.


Blood Orange:

Photo credit: _CHAD-WADSWORTH

Dev Hynes a.k.a Blood orange had made our favorite list for sometime and if you have never seen him play before you may have heard his work before having created for artist such as: as Tinashe, Solange Knowles, Sky Ferreira, FKA twigs, Florence and the Machine, Carly Rae Jepsen, Diana Vickers, The Chemical Brothers. That resume alone makes him a legend but Dev hynes solo project under Blood orange gives us a very personal look at his music and world.  Dev Hynes certainly gives us a beautiful show here a very energetic and suave performance definitely leaving us love struck at the sound of the gorgeous vocals.  Blood orange gives us a very passionate show and the beautiful rich sounds hes been crafting for us is a labor of love and if we ever needed to hear such kind words in such a beautiful tone it can only be Blood orange that could give us the remedy. Truly a beautiful sound that set me under his spell.

Lower Dens:


How can one not be sway at the beautiful sounds of this band the dreampop/shoegaze sounds just ooze goodness here. With the cold front approaching it was the nice warmth of the baseline  that gave me the energy to dance to the dreamy vocals, it also warmed my heart knowing Jana hunter the lead singer is native houstonian as well. Truly an amazing performance delivered here at dfn. One thing i felt really hit home with me was the immense raw energy in her vocals and the bands energy here.

Fat Tony

The pure love Fat tony blessed us at DFN was something out of this world definitely conquered the non believers who stop by. Fat tony performance was raw full of energy definitely showing us much love. I am surprised by the shear force and energy he brought to the stage. I think its only fair to say by how much he conquered this stage.

 Oneohtrix Point Never


The chaotic  fringe patterns created by daniel ,ethereal sounds and sound design fit perfectly the stage around him as light art installation. Its hard to grasp the true detail sounds he incorporates in a live setting but a new feature is created when the set is live you hear the burst of sounds he is forcing from the stage to the audience. Playing at the blue stage His set was a feast for the ears truly delightful and hard to replicate. The pure adrenaline filled chaos he creates and the  rhythm he creates for us to enjoy is a wild ride.  Much like the crowd there i was left in pure amazement  at how quickly hes able to make you feel like this wild ride is an lucid dream that you have no grasp of how its going to end but you let go and are charging at full speed with him.

Daniel set was not only strong and fierce assault to our ear it was one that we surrender quickly once we realized we were in his world. Each sound was fragile yet so commanding and strong. Ive seen many electronic,drone,ambient sets before but Oneohtrix Point Never is pure adventure for you to enjoy. I cannot stop thinking about how hes able to just get you far away from everything around you. I definitely wasn’t expecting his live set to be this amazing.




it only seemed right for tycho to play at DFN, but i surely never seen tycho before having missed him play in dallas awhile back and the times hes visited this was what i felt the only way i wanted to see them. Seeing Tycho at DFN felt so right like cookies and milk it was just right. Scott Hansen has been on our favorite list for a long time but i have never felt more enjoyable set than this. While many other sets at DFN was an wild ride and chaotic fun Tycho set us back to relax and lets us cool down for a bit. I felt like they knew exactly how tired i was walking and running around the entire festival grounds so standing there seeing them play almost felt therapeutic.  I definitely felt the love tycho gave us. Another reason why i love day for night i don’t think i would have love seeing tycho this much if it wasn’t for this festival amazing visuals.


Aphex Twin

There was not much i can say that i haven’t already said in a earlier post about the amount of emotional preparedness i had told myself before walking up to the stage. To give you an appropriate image of the time he entered the stage it was approaching 10 and the multitude of people who had been waiting since Odesza first started had been there waiting for Aphex twin set. There really was no room for us to squeezed around. But in-front of the crowd was a beautiful image that warmed my heart. Someone was waving the British flag out in front and i almost cried of joy ,i am not British but it warmed my heart also meeting people trough out  the day who had come from england/europe to see this.

The Two hour set of aphex twin was something beyond words. But has we heard his entrance come in the temperature drop and so did our hearts when we heard the sounds come in at the 7 minute mark we finally see him as visual of texas in a lineart visual motion graphic appear before us we hear the signature sounds of aphex twin.

Now i was told by another reporter who said to me that every time you saw these particular laser out in front of his stage it was shooting a light up in the sky as if some sort of bat signal but it took the shape of the Aphex Twin logo unto the clouds.

Now every time i looked up it seemed like it formed something but i wasn’t able to tell by the shear insanity the was happening around me. I dont know how to explain how or what happened here because i feel like it was only right to put this in biblical terminology here. As i had mention before the force of nature that dayfornigth was, it was now evident that  the multitude of crowds formed for this performance. These were not people just passing by from the last act these were true fans here we were in a apocalyptic stage that Aphex Twin had deliver to us and it was mind melting performance for sure.

I had been to a few shows i felt that was beyond words could ever describe to our readers the shear madness of it all but this wasn’t something i could even comprehend. I mean It was terrifying how amazing this set was. For one i had prepared myself for the everything and yet i wasn’t ready for the shear utter brutality and madness aphex twin had created for us . This was my first time seeing him but having listen to him since middle school and obsessed over his music for the last decade i felt like i was no stranger to his sounds.

Around the 25 minute mark we are given a moment to breath, to catch our breath as the pace slow down for a second as the bpm drops a bit from the pure godly chaotic heavenly sounds but our break shortly live as he reminds us that we are only beginning this wild set. Into the first hour set it had felt almost by divine powers aphex twin had conjured up storms for us to be tested. I can certainly tell you i kept hearing from the people who ran away from the rain and wind people kept yelling at those who ran away:” weak!Only real fan’s stay! “I certainly understand if you left for medical conditions but let me tell you if you left cause you felt cold, then leave! This was not the time nor place for your first world sensibilities and comfort we were witnessing history in the making and don’t need space taken up by people who dint understand this.Now let me explain i truly felt like this was apocalyptic cause the winds were so strong and the temperature had drop to 40 and the rain was no light rain it was biblical noah’s ark downpour. Yet the strongest stayed faithful as we were about to be blessed yet again by this amazing performance

I want you to know at this moment the track Aphex Twin was playing was so upbeat and playfull it was poetic justice almost it had felt those first ten minutes when hell had opened up to us and invaded houston and it was now one big fun game for those here to win.

there was one beautiful side effect no one could have predicted how the laser combination with the rain and wind made the laser look like glitter rain drops trough-out his set it was divine indeed. But i was telling my longtime childhood friends who were there with me seeing this glorious set. It felt like we were being baptize yo. Sorry for all the religious analogies here but there is no other way to describe the amazing presence we felt how the rain made us dance here. DFN has reported that Bjork was seen dancing in the rain to Aphex Twin set so we were in good company!

the crowd was not shaken but renewed has the one hour marked had entered the set went silent for a second there i suppose this was the first act short break. At the One hour and twenty minute mark we had arrive to the pure essence of the act. The glorious chaotic break,drum jungle idm sounds. I don’t think i will ever be able to relive or have another beautiful moment like this.

at the closing of the second act near the 1hour and 58 minute mark we are given the thumbs up ,saying hello to the crowds as aphex twin saids hello and waves to us. I felt like this was a dream but i couldn’t stop smiling and certainly couldn’t stop thinking am i really here in houston,texas seeing this? as i walk away i see the British flag waving behind me and i walk back inside with friends and we hug and drink some water and sit down and look at each other and keep saying: this just happened ?! and my friend looks at me and saids this is just day 1 of dayfornight.