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Tag: Indie

Still Corners- Dead Blue

Still Corners is the London-based musical project of songwriter/producer Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray. Dead Blue definitely hits all the feelings of summer ending and fall approaching, the beautiful smooth tracks are accompanied by the gorgeous vocals  of Tessa Murray.

Dead Blue by Still Corners


Wariks Tape

Warik is Malik Lemon,Malik Lemon is Warik.Where does one end? and the other begin? I dont know but i do know this is amazing music from this chicago,illinois native who is making me wanna dance to the amazing songs from wariks -Wariks tape out via his bandcamp. Amazing mixture …

Sales LP

SALES is an American guitar-based pop band from Orlando, Florida. The band’s members are musicians Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. I must say im really loving this lp. Check them out .

Elvis Depressedly – slip

new elvis depressedly – slip from run for cover records.

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re

If you arent familiar with this awesome group then allow me to introduce to you Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, is an  Japanese rock trio. Their style is eclectic punk rock, mixing noisy and pop instrumental sounds with idiosyncratic, quirky, often funny or disturbing lyrics. They are one of the …