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Jan Jiskra from Prague. Producing electronic music since 2001, using analog and modular synthesizers, drum machines, effects…
Also known as Moduretik or Neden.Has been crafting an very interesting sound that slowly creeps up on you that puts you in an beatiful synth daze that will leave you wandering trough the electronic …

The Avanlanches – Frankie Sinatra + the original sample

a lovely new music video from  The Avalanches Brand New album ‘Wildflower’ featuring their first single “Frankie Sinatra” available to Pre-Order below:Wildflower: https://TheAvalanches.lnk.to/Wildflower also must say im feeling the original sample they used, definitely take a listen to the original sample the …

Flamingosis – Great Hair

been jammin to this album for a few weeks , im really loving all the amazing tracks , please follow flamingosis on soundcloud and bandcamp.