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The rewind april edition

its been a crazy month and crazier year so far, way behind on updates but this week but here is the latest update for the rewind of the month of april 2017. We have alot of new artist and some familiar ones as well. Please show them some love yall.

the …

Euphoria 2017 Recap

WOWOWOW! What a banger of a weekend Euphoria threw down! Here in Texas it’s practically Summer already and thank tha lawd!!! That beautiful Texas weather made wandering the fest so much easier. While there were so many great acts that rolled thru here is a short list of our favorite …

Euphoria Fest 2017 Overview

Its finally here we are super excited to make our way down to austin,tx to catch these amazing artist at one the coolest festivals in texas! Here we are gonna highlight some of our favorite artist we are excited to see this year. Get to know some of these awesome …

10 Albums You Should Be Listening To



Wow what a week 😀 while we’re still cooking up post-sxsw magic here’s a lil playlist of some rad bands we saw during the week! Cheers y’all~

Art by Growingtropics


its that time again here we go to venture out to austin,tx and join our brothers and sisters as we battle out each day to reach the venues to catch the show and to make it to the next one. Truly a festival not for the weak,but also what other …

George West New EP ‘PALMETTO’


We would like to introduce Geroge West as we never officially covered him on the blog, yet we have seen him played before. Of the  many acts we have yet to cover here on the blog that are local gems and hidden treasures but i cant think of …

Botany- Raw Light II

One of Austin’s better local musicians! – be yr own judge:

Raw Light II by BOTANY

Where’s the Escape Key/>?

Just a little playlist to kick off this clusterfuck of a year – cheers y’all stay strong <3

End of the Year TOP ALBUMS

What an amazing year this has been, i cannot stress how much we have endure and witness if there was anyone out there that told me that 2016 was going to be this crazy i would have had my reservations but certainly has we wind down here i know we …