Featured song of the month: Wild Ones -Paresthesia

So this month has been kinda crazy and hectic and here  Wild Ones song Paresthesia, an amazing sounding song with beautiful vocals. This song definitely has something special . Its a weird mixture of baseline an drumming and the pace of the song give a chaotic mood yet very strong commanding direction of the song slows down a bit as the vocals come in to paint a picture of loneliness,depression and anxiety and chaotic perspective on the world yet a very strong will to continue on. The entire production of the song captures this perfectly and its just amazing i mean, it so loud yet soft the contrast in the vocals and instrumental parts of the song. It was done very well and defienetly worth a listen.

Wild Ones are an American dream pop band from Portland, Oregon.Wild Ones began in 2010 with the release of an EP titled You’re A Winner.In 2014, they released of their first full-length album on Topshelf Records.In 2015, Wild Ones released an EP titled Heatwave on Topshelf Records. These amazing folks will be in Corpus Christi Sat.23 in september i know thats a little bit of a drive for us Houston folks but its defientely worth the travel these amazing people have a new album called: Mirror Touch due out October 6th on Topshelf Records.

Buy tickets to their show here