DayForNight interview: Hescher

In our coverage of dayfornight we wanted to highlight some amazing local artist who will be performing at dayfornight. These amazing artist are breaking new grounds in the local music scene and cultivating a renaissance period here in Houston.

Dayfornight serves as a cultural meeting point for many artists to be able to showcase some of the best local talent to the world.We sat down with Hescher and chatted about current projects and the current state of the scene and what to expect at dayfornight from them.

Get to know Hescher

Hescher is Cory Sinclair, an electronic musician and performer from Texas. A lover of film and music and a student of theater for most of his life, he combines cinematic pop-electronica with high energy performance for a dramatic live experience that lingers long after the show has ended. Solid beats, love-drunk lyrics, and dark arpeggios peppered with moments of trance-like euphoria keep bodies moving and hearts swelling.

Inspired by artists like Nonotak Studio and citing wildly varying influences from modern film composer Clint Mansell to LA noise/electro thrashers HEALTH, Hescher’s sound and direction might be hard to describe, but combined with an overt fearlessness on stage these elements provide for a truly unique and engaging live experience.

“Who is Hescher?” asks Sinclair, “Hescher is my chance to share with others the beauty of dancing in your dreams. Dreams are like movies, and this one has a beat ”


How has Hescher come this far, what has led up to the current sound?

It seems like any conversation I have with anyone with where I come from, goes back to my relationship/collaboration with my friend justice when we started a band called The Manichean where I was a vocalist, it was like rock/spoken word project. This was my first experience in live musical performance, i dint have any musical training, so I taught myself audio production, I gain a lot of experience from playing with many other musicians.  The present and future are more closely associated with my friend and collaborator Omar Al-Bochi. He is my producer and actually responsible for what I consider to be the professionalism or maturity of my sound. I wouldn’t be where I am now as Hescher without him .

What are some influences that has shaped Hescher?

I have a keen interest in film scores, a lot of obscure electronica, a lot of my influences come from that but also I grew up listening to a lot indie rock music. But has I create music I wanted a cinematic feel due to all the film scores Ive been listening. Clint Mansell,Ryuichi Sakamoto.


Any favorite film scores?

Probably Darren Aronofsky’s the fountain Clint Mansell film scores, a lot.

Darren Aronofsky loves creating cinematic sounds, he knows exactly how to pair visuals to the right sounds, do you remember the pi soundtrack his use of IDM music?

I remember PI when I was 7 grade, back when Hollywood video was around, the cover alone was so intriguing I pick it up and aside from the visuals in Darren work, the film score for the movie was amazing, he had aphex twin, and his original work. Clint work with the kronos quartet for Requiem for a dream, but the fountain has the best compilation of all these.


In your video shells, has a striking similarity to a lot of sound designers reels ,alot of those types of video use very specific sound design/idm like sounds, are you looking at any current sound/visual designers’ at the moment that inspire you?

A lot of my inspirations is drawn lately from, architecture that uses natural occurring patterns that appear in nature say like roof singles that deflect water better that mimic in nature how certain plant petals deflect water. These type of elements help to inspire me a lot in my visual work.For my sound design Ive been drawing a lot from artist I found via streaming music services. Lately been listening to the Blade runner trilogy soundtrack, I listened a lot of Kelela, Arca and more of Ryuichi Sakamoto.


Speaking of artist, any artist you are looking forward to seeing at dayfornight?

omg yes, Thom Yorke, like who isn’t inspired by Thom Yorke, of course Trent reznor and excited about Phantograms, Pussy riot, Godspeed you black emperor.Another artist I am looking forward to is Ronnie Size,he was a very important figure in the drum and bass scene.One that true fans of the electronic /idm/drum and bass scene will appreciate. Back in the early 2000s the first rave culture emergence in Houston,which was squashed by Houston police, then a few years later it became a over saturation, edm /rave/bro like culture which I dont like how electronic music turned into become very misogynistic culture, you see it a lot on youtube playlist imagery and in their electronic /edm culture is at.This is why I love dayfornight choice of Ronnie Size, he was part of this original drum and bass scene and it’s creating a space that is centered around the appreciation for the aesthetics and love for the music genre that fits perfectly for dayfornight.


What are somethings you like to share about the local scene people visiting Houston should know?

There is a very supportive local scene, a lot of mutual help for artist but saying that what im going to say may sound a bit controversial but Houston has this attitude that may alienate outsiders at time it’s the Houston ride or die attitude, it becomes a culture that can alienate even the locals or our neighboring cities. I feel like people say that about Houston, we must have that type of attitude due to a fear if Houston isn’t the best.

There’s two things that happens people get burned out, feeling like they can’t make it in Houston then the other side they used that as a catalyst, they sometimes tend to leave Houston even tho we have the local support but its not the normal support from like people outside the music scene have like other cities may have. The music scene in Houston is small but supportive. People in Houston have a fear that all the positive things we say about Houston may not be true, so we adopt a Houston is awesome f-you if you disagree type of attitude, where I think it may be more intelligent to acknowledge were Houston really is versus the exaggerated truth.if people were to accept the situation here in town better they will create a better place for musicians and artist and for the people who live in this amazing city.Events like dayfornight draw us in more than just music, with the visual art and culture experience its helps gather us to have a more rich experience.


It seems like dayfornight is creating and fueling a renaissance period in Houston and a type of event that redeems us from the stigma of festival bro-like culture. Creating a appropriate stage for artist and attendees to really appreciate art/sound culture better.

definitely, it provides us with a challenge to us artist because its provides us with redemption because it’s a festival of creating a event we want to learn from and participate and elevate our creativity. It had people wanting to learn projecting mapping and providing festival culture and electronic music culture an redemption in contrast to other events that taint the genre/culture.

for dayfornight, what should we expect for you set?

there’s going to be a dramatic electronica, the live performance will be bombastic/energetic. I think of it as very engaging /dramatic.

catch Hescher Saturday 2:10–2:40 Green Stage at dayfornight

to buy tickets to dayfornight click here

Hescher is also opening for band Night Drive this friday at the secret group ,doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. Get more info here at the event page and to buy tickets here