DayForNight interview: Deep Cuts

In our coverage of Dayfornight we wanted to highlight some amazing local artist who will be performing at Dayfornight. These amazing artist are breaking new grounds in the local music scene and cultivating a renaissance period here in Houston. Dayfornight serves as a cultural meeting point for many artists to be able to showcase some of the best local talent to the world.

We sat down with Chase from Deep Cuts and chatted about current projects and the current state of the scene and what to expect at Dayfornight from them.

Say Hello to: Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts is a Houston-based group of musicians spearheaded by songwriters Chase Harris and Zach Alderman. The classically-trained pair piece together refined schmaltz tunes with winding guitar lines, synth pad beds, and vintage 707 and 727 drum machines. What results is a venture from their latin indie rock roots into pop territory, with undertones ranging from salsa romantica to jazz fusion. The group has self-released several singles and EPs and is currently assembling their first full length record with Grammy award-winning engineer Steve Christensen. “Take Me Back,” the album’s first single, debuted on Stereogum, and later garnered the band recognition from Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo in a Pitchfork Rising feature.



in the current state of deep cuts there’s a new album in the works hows has progress been so far?

Started last year or so, after sxsw 2016 from there on started recording this album so its taken a year in half to do this new album, due to our meticulous process. In my mind the way I see Deep Cuts now, is more like we change a few band elements and explored new sounds . the transitions has been smooth and working on this upcoming album since around sxsw is how I remembered it,overall its been amazing,slow but amazing.

sxsw toughts,how do you handle it?

Well for me festivals are in general tricky, but especially sxsw cause there’s a split between the officials shows and then the diy sxsw shows, but we had a long history of just bad shows at sxsw which I feel is needed when your first start out. This year when we played was our best .Even tho we dint have the album done just yet we were able to meet many new friends and contacts .

It seems like a lot of bands are afraid to just dive in just like that into sxsw, what help you guys when you first took the plung the first time around into sxsw?

the volume of bad shows is helpful,because it helps you grow as a band and learn from mistakes and its important to note that as artist we are primarily known for our albums and recordings , so making the album or music is just as important as playing shows. My advice to new bands is to just do it,it gets better each time.

you guys just finished a set at sofar sounds in nyc, it seems like alot of local acts are gearing up to make the national rounds , getting ready for 2018. But it also seems like a lot of our local acts seems to move out to nyc or California in hopes to find greater exposure.Is Deep Cuts leaving us?

It sounds corny but we are very happy and proud to be Houstonians but even if we were to move out of Texas/Houston it wont be anytime soon, at the moment we are invested in making the music and you know were very happy here,love having Houston as a homebase.
But its important to travel places like New York to get the feeling to get that exposure and to gain experience. Ultimately the music scene here in Houston is our home.

speaking of Houston, how would you describe the current music scene to Houston?

I feel sometimes the scene here is missing a few things like an infrastructure like cities like New York and L.A would have, like the scene here does have many people making the scene better. There isn’t much visibility here but i feel like its getting better, like Houstonpress and Freepresshouston do a lot of amazing local coverage work you know.

It seems like every year, you guys get better and better and its a great testament to the amazing talent in this city, serving as a role model for people who may want to venture out and get to the scene here.

Thank you, I appreciate that, you know one of the early role models we had here in town was Robert Ellis,is like the ideal role model for alot of Houston scene, hes played in Australia and one on international tours ,played amazingly large venues shows to playing small dive bars like big star bar to Discovery green events, its amazing. that to me is ideal to continue what I like to do in my musical career.

It seems like a lot of artist can remember those acts from when they first start out in the scene that they kinda admire a bit or want to befriend, being in the scene for sometime any other local recommendations?

yeah, there is a lot of great acts. Personally really enjoy my friend *citation need* band, great sound, also children of pop , jerk, these acts have been doing amazing things around town. Making the city an amazing place to check out.

speaking of artist, what are you jamming these day to?

its may sound weird to say but Drake, like the r&b side of him, haha, a lot of obscure 80s stuff,just chill stuff ya know.

drake a man of many talents

what are some artist you are looking forward to seeing at Dayfornight?

honestly Thom Yorke, Nine Inch Nails, Cardi B , one of the amazing things of DFN is the giant spectrum of artist to explore there trough the week, its what makes this festival so special.

what should we expect at DFN?

we are dropping new music there, expect a lot of energy and amazing time.

Look out for Deep Cuts at Dayfornight Saturday 1:10–1:50 Green Stage, buy dayfornight tickets here

they also will be opening for Neon indian at white oak music hall dec.27 link to event page and to  buy tickets here