Mv of the month: Rex Orange County – Loving is Easy (feat. Benny Sings)

Some of you may only know Rex via his appearance via Tyler the creator latest album Flower Boy, but Rex is an emerging artist with a very promising future . This gorgeous track could have been manufactured the standard dslr music video of cat and mouse chase of dating but instead we got this amazing puppet /stop motion music video.

This video is so simple and well done, and honestly very refreshing, every month we see a lot of glitch vaporwave artifact type videos and vintage lookalikes which is all cool but sometimes mvs get way to carried away with themselves this is why Rex -Loving is easy is so welcomed we have a smooth and fun track and a very colorful and bright video that highlights the innocence and playfulness that the song creates. Plus unlike just adding effects on videos and for the vintage look or glitch effect , stop motion is hard and long work. and set creation also take time as well as meticulousness lighting and redoing poses with the dolls, so the grind put behind this video alone deserves your attention.


Rex recently released his full-length album : Apricot Princess check it out