music video of the month: Ari Lennox – GOAT

Ari Lennox  is one of the best vocalist out in the game right now and you should remember that name now because its not everyday we see and hear a track to a music video that leaves us in awe. The commanding voice and a presence that is felt trough these amazing vocal chords in this video was all that was needed to get our attention.

The video starts with a pan lowering into the frame were Ari quickly gets up from her chair,kicks it off the frame and her energetic movements make us understand that all that is needed is for you to know im here running this.  The video beautifully shot by Scott Lazer , presents a simple concept of the viewer observing an artist in their prime doing what they do best, making incredible music.  The video serves as a testament what a well executed concept and amazing energy from an artist can do. In a post vintage lofi film effect music video era, when a music video present itself as a simple visual concept without all the trappings of pop music videos attributes like back up dancers, long pan shots of glamour shots. Just presents  a simple frame it becomes kinda  poetic and strong as well.

if you aren’t familiar yet with Ari Lennox please check out her catalog so far, recently signed on with dreamville records/interscope records is someone who will quickly be appearing everywhere.