MV of the month: Mondo Grosso – ラビリンス

So theres gonna be alot of dumb emails ima get for this choice but here is why this video was the best this month. Its very simple breakdown something i will now start to do for every MV choice of the month. For mondo grosso its pretty simple idea lets walk and dance at night in a part of hong kong were its just the artist and the director operating the camera with no crews and no police just us all in one take ? easy peezy ! right?

So lets take a look:

so lets get out of the way now, Mondo Grosso is the the stage name for Shinichi Osawa a dj/producer from japan and this video was made for his collaboration with Hikari Mitsushima who did amazing vocals. and also starred in the video.So lets dive into the break down:

1. the art direction

this may seem pretty straight forward for many directors and DPs but lets keep in mind when you are on location walking around in the public at night and there strangers walking around and you have no control of the area its a gamble so you rely alot of on the DP decides to shoot from and how to approach angles/shots. The video here is a dark colorful cool colors, this very beautiful film like video definitely has gorgeous cinematography in a very uncertain market so its noteworthy to point out to do this in one take is amazing.

2. The lowkey dancing

you may notice some camera shake its cause this was done in one shot, she goes trough he active market and dances as if its dancing in the rain sequence, its very simple but even when shes in traffic she makes it so easy to pull off.I mean the feeling of leaving a show a bit buzz or walk with a loved one back to the car or home its feels so nostalgic and free so to re-create this in a mv and gives off a singing in the rain vibe is worth a look.


lets see how cool and relax you be dancing in public with an expensive camera following you and a director who is the only other person is following you and hes giving no direction on how to do the scene,hes strictly there to just  record.

so imagine doing this at night,with people and traffic and dancing and no real authority to stop anyone who may jump out to bother you. you can see in the video they even leave to a less crowded closed off part of the market to make sure the reduce this risk.


its very simple yes, and you may look at it and think, why? why should this win best mv of the month there alot of other videos who look better and much more elaborate,etc.

its the fact that its simple,straightforward and even spontaneous and run and gun operation and simply put its look effortlessly but there was careful planning in what areas they probably should go but to do in one take and keep it this free and beautiful is very noteworthy performance and skilled by the director something that many documentarians try to achieve. Above everything this is a pop song and a pop artist, so imagine this there was no nudity,no forced rapping in the middle and no forced cliche story lines or settings and no celebrities cameos nor special effects a very simple walk trough the night just jamming out to your favorite song .