Featured Artist of the month: Yaeji

The best thing about going on youtube its sometimes gives you a great recommendation and you feel like you been blessed and its even better when its not only a good song and video but its also an amazing new artist.
Yaeji a.k.a Kathy Lee is an New York/Seoul based producer/artist who amazing lyrical and production skills has made us really excited to check out her music,much to our surprise we just saw her take over rinse fm for an amazing set so before we jump to that lets give you a proper introduction to Yaeji.


so Yaeji is a 23 year old producer that makes lofi ,minimal yet beautifully layered house music.There is a certain straightforward delivery of her vocals that’s gives you a no nonsense style yet with all the charisma to make you want to keep listening more and more. There is actually a fine level of sophistication in her production that may come of as simple as first listen but there is a very elegant and smart method to her production and vocal arrangements.

Earlier in the year she had an EP via GODMODE .

this is the perfect introduction to her, her soft vocals yet minimal tracks capture a hazy and nostalgic memory like track that captures a progressive melody that is enchanting.

Her Music videos by far has been very exciting to see , its been very much not only a reflection of her musical style and tone but also a reflection of the artist. take a look:


definitely give her a listen an amazing artist .