Dayfornigth overview


There is  no post that could do justice to the amazing lineup that we will see today at dayfornight but we sure can talk about some of our favorite songs or albums from the featured artist that will be at dayfornight if you aren’t familiar with some of these artist then this could be a good opportunity for you to get to know these artist .

Aphex Twin:

Its is virtually impossible for me to explain in this post or even in a separate post how much this means to me. Having grown up in a time were dragon ball z and yu-gi-oh cards were what we talked about during lunch and high school was approaching when it came to music my friends were listening to Blink-182 and linkin park jay-z collaboration and i know if you search back enough in your memory banks you will remember owning one of these cds or downloading it via napster/kazzaa or morpheus when p2p was cool cause it was free or cause you stole it?

I had just finished watching my first few cyberpunk films and i started too look for cyberpunk fueled music which lead me down many artist and eventually to the IDM genre but nothing prepared me for the moment Aphex Twin appeared. I remember when i first listen to:

Aphex Twin – Drukqs – Mt Saint michel mix+st micha

It was not only a sound design and historical lesson in drum kicks,patterns and loops and beautiful masterful performance of sound in how he was able to create a pure adrenaline pulse that pushed you into a rush of anxiousness and nervousness that he created with chaotic sounds that had been carefully placed each sound put perfectly into its order by him. Keep in mind if you were to listen to this in 8th grade and what that would look like. Well needless to say it made me addicted to the songs and music,etc.  The second moment when i knew it was real was when i heard:

Aphex Twin – Girl/Boy Song

It was still pure bliss, as magical as the first time i heard it. Listening to this again makes me sure that there was no better ambassador for idm,drum n bass,jungle,acid jazz, genre than Aphex Twin . Saturday nigth at Dayfornigth please make sure to stay to watch something insanely beautiful because its not only the fact he hacks and makes his own instruments nor the fact he has release some of the most beatiful music videos in collaboration with one of the best mv directors ever that is Chris cunningham but its also the fact that what started has his experimentation in these sounds that he wanted to hear that no one else was making has become so mature and masterful he is now a grand master of these arts. Please lets the master show us how its done.


Blonde Redhead

Again not much i can say will do justice for this band, and i mean justice because you have no idea how terrifyingly beautiful the sounds this band was able to manifest upon its audience is something that leaves me to be sure that this is something we are not paying enough attention still. Blonde redhead the formation of  an alternative rock band composed of Kazu Makino and twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace that formed in New York City in 1993. Playing int he sounds of dreampop,nugaze,alternative rock, indie,experimental. Yet all these sounds its hard to grasp how fragile and lucid the sounds they create is and how sharp it will cut trough straight to your heart.

the misery is a butterfly by blonde redhead is not only very dear to my heart but please be aware this is the sixth album release for them so much like me we have much to cover. You can catch performing at this stage at  dayfornigth.


once again i am brought back to IDM after my short time exploring latin jazz and french pop music during college. I had started going to noise shows here in houston and even tho i had heard a few songs of squarepusher and liked what i had heard i had never given him the proper listening as i strongly advise you that this was a grave error and i grately regret this during my younger years i had gone trough so much idm music that i fell like i needed a break having gone trough venetian snares,µ-Ziq,Autechre,luke vibert , it wasn’t until my friend gave me a ride when he said he has found some old cds from middle school and he put them in as we listened to it i stopped and said who is this! The song was my red hot car. but lead me to discover the beautiful album that was GO Plastic! the amazing,chaotic jungle,breakbeat,notes reaching over 200 bpm really brought me back from my music rot at the time. I advise you do not sleep on this check squarepusher out sunday at dayfornight

Butthole suffers

its hard to imagine a world without the Butthole suffers, because i truly believe without them we would have had some other artist. Much like many of the bands i love that are based here in houston and austin The Butthole Suffers are living legends of the diy and insanely beautiful sounds they created.  While the amazing catalogue of work i can go on and on about the beatiful narratives they create that would make any poet quit The butthole suffers have been able to create and submerge us into their world and its scary,strange and vengeful and yet honest and beautiful. I am not gonna even start how much or a music lesson this is if you haven’t heard this song but this is the best intro to this amazing band please check them out at dayfornigth .


Its weird after idm, i was tired of the hectic and chaotic sounds and even though the band Air had made feel more relax yet excited it wasn’t until Tycho came along that i realized the minimal sounds that are soft yet so loud and so strong its full of a force that should not be taken lightly. Tycho is an American ambient music project led by Scott Hansen (born 1977) as primary composer, songwriter and producer. The project has definitely lead to many interesting new sounds and beautiful melodies Its hard for me to imagine my musical library without Tycho which is why i urge you to please see him at dayfornight after this weeks frustrations and problems let tycho work it for you.


No one can ever deny how Uknown mortal orchestra is a master of the sounds they have created and cannot be copied. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is an American and New Zealand rock band composed of singer, guitarist and songwriter Ruban Nielson, bassist Jake Portrait, keyboardist Quincy McCrary, and drummer Amber Baker. The band was started by Nielson , the sounds transcending many forms but ultimately delivering the same pure talent we love to hear from UMO.  Catch them at dayfornigth

Clams Casino

It had seem like every time or chance i got to see Clams play seem to have been just not meant to be, which is why i had been very excited to see his set at dayfornigth . Michael Volpe, better known by his stage name Clams Casino, is an Italian-American hip hop musician, record producer, and songwriter. Back in 2012 Clams casino had dropped Im God which honestly blew me away i just was amazed at the pure raw sounds he created.  As for instrumentals i think we have not only a true master but someone who could be re-writting the rules . Definetely not somebody to miss,catch him at dayfornight.


Earlier in the year Hot sugar had swing by with Ratatat at warehouse live all the while thundercat played next door having missed hot sugar twice during sxsw and missed ratatat when they played the ktru outdoor show a few years ago it was an overdue show for me but all the while my friends kept sending me messages of how i should have swung by. I really wish i did, Thundercat is someone who comes along every so often a new breed of artist that we cannot define by traditional norms.Stephen Bruner, better known by his stage name Thundercat, is an American multi-genre bass guitarist, producer and singer from Los Angeles, California. There is something magical happening in the west coast if the low end theory showed us anything is that we certainly are living in a golden age were re-writting the rules are the only rules. Catch him at dayfornight


Little Dragon

its really hard to properly explain little dragon much like all great artist their evolution is part of the art and its nessecary to showcase the timeline and appreciate the sounds and experimentation we hear from them. Awhile back ago yours truly did a beautiful segment of the core spirit that is little dragon which long career expresses how fresh and young and creative we hear as they explore sounds. catch them at dayfornigth