Dayfornight: Local spotlight

This festival is so amazing, the lineup is truly something for the history books but alot of people are coming from around the world and the country to see these amazing acts yet i wanted to remind some of yall that houston local bands that are playing are nothing to look pass. Each one of these artist are amazing and have a incredible sound that deserve your attention.

Were gonna run trough some of these artist now and show you why its important to take note of these amazing artist: Here are some of our favorite artist/bands that are from houston,tx/austin,tx playing at day for night that you must check out.


Saturday 5:30–6:10 Yellow Stage
[from the page ] With years of multi-instrumentation, performing and producing under his belt, Avery Davis takes on a new electronic solo project, -Us. Having played with bands such as Wild Moccasins, Wrestlers and Twenty Eleven, Davis ventures out to form his own sound, combining elements of the many genres with which he has surrounded himself in the past. Under -Us., the independent Houston musician has released several covers and remixes, as well as original works like V.XXVII.IX, a five-track EP that incorporates all of Davis’ influences — including Thom Yorke, Neon Indian, Washed Out and James Blake — into a single project. Playing every instrument and singing all the vocal parts himself, Davis crafts everything from breezy synth-pop (“See You Smile”) to brooding, downtempo R&B (“Pieces”). -Us. is set to release his debut full-length album in 2016.


Saturday 10:20–11:10 Yellow Stage

Hevln, created in 2015, is a multi-platform performance simulation created by the corporation Complex Solutions. Complex Solutions is a group of musicians, video artists, designers and programmers who have came together to create a performance that incorporates pop, dance and RnB music, hi-tech video art, and aspects of contemporary theatre. Hevln has a forthcoming album named Complex Solutions which is scheduled to come out early 2016.


Sunday 9:50–10:30 Yellow Stage
[from the page ] Multi-instrumentalist and compositional mastermind Austin Smith formed Jerk in late 2015, enlisting drummer Zach Alderman (Deep Cuts) and keyboardist/vocalist Vicki Lynn (Black Kite) to realize his sharp, minimal, and often haunting pop songs. With their debut self-titled EP releasing soon, Jerk is well into writing a full-length album as well as preparing for their first tour.


Kult Dizney


Sunday 3:00–3:30 Yellow Stage
[from the page ] Production powerhouses Chase DeMaster, of Deep Cuts, Children of Pop, Guess Genes, and Get A Life, and Noah Clough of Josiah Gabriel teamed up for a new project under the name Kult Dizney. The future house duo has made explosive and ambitious remixes of Azealia Banks’ “Chasing Time,” Tirzah’s “No Romance,” as well as original tracks like “The Beggar.” The Houston-based group plans on a new release in the near future.

From Beyond

Saturday 6:30–7:10 Yellow Stage
[from the page ] Hailing from Austin but based in Houston, From Beyond is the spaced-out and heavy, psychedelic metal band consisting of Rob McCarthy (guitar, vocals, synthesizers, effects), Dave Grooman (guitar, effects), Brooks Willhoite (bass), and Anthony Vallejo (drums). Taking influences from groups like Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, From Beyond crafts brooding “space rock,” heard on The Color Out Of Space, a sludgy and doomy four-track EP with a 70s feel.