Day for Night Day 2

Day 1 had brought us into events of biblical proportions i must admit i was so warned out from day 1 i slept until noon like a fool! and dint think about the consequences here. Now much like any event you gotta refuel and recharge but unlike any other event or festival i had been too i had to get my mind and emotions in check i mean last night was insane. Welcome by the cities finest rappers and then shown how amazing each act was and having Aphex twin make not only the crowd dance in this crazy storm yet in-front of the crowd in the rain Bjork had dance with us and having learned that Aphex twin had left us another testament of this divine moment. A White lp with unheard of tracks and the dates he played and the dfn,aphex and warp logos on it. It truly was something i couldn’t comprehend.

As i gather my things i look at the lineup and get ready for another day and another crazy night.




Now i was aware of matmos for sometime and it was something i had queue in my noise,experimental,ambient,sample music folder but ever since ultimate care i felt like i had to re-examined myself cause matmos had done something magical with this. Let me tell you seeing them live only conjured up more mixed feelings and how i view music when speaking of experimental ,ambient,sample based. One of the beautiful things about this set was the sheer aggressiveness and carefully done sounds that collided with the samples it sounds basic but trust me this was pure mathematical science here. Im not sure how this was done it was magical. I felt like i had just re-discovered music it was messing me up bad it was insane. It was one of these act you could not help but stand in awe at how this was a masterful performance.

mykki blanco

Photo Credit: GREG-NOIRE

Mykki is no stranger to this site, having been featured on our monthly mv playlist several times this was however a first seeing him perform. Once again DFN gives us something amazing here and Mykki did not disappoint. It was a wild ride for sure but i cannot get over how he is a grandmaster of controlling the crowd and stage. There was many powerhouse performances in day 1 yet Mykki may have been one of the most energetic and certainly most commanding on this stage. His vocal mastery was something nobody could deny.


RZA. feat Stone Mecca


throwing up the WU was the only way to start yo cause as the slogan is definitely more of a warning wu-tang aint nothing to f with! Okay see if there only one issue i had was nobody prepared us for the onslaught they brought it was insane. This was the first time seeing RZA but i felt like  it felt as alive and fresh as i first heard him. It was hard to impress at this point in the festival artist needed to do some crazy stuff to make us tweet and instagram and snapchat away our cellphone battery life but RZA and stone mecca had no problem showing us there were true masters of this game and they knew how well to calculate each move. The energy brought in the first three minutes alone left me astonish. I felt personally thankful because like many people there the cold had entered below 30 degrees and if it wasn’t for our love of music and art we would have left long ago. Which makes me not only appreciate when an artist performs so well but also leaves me amazed and in awe at how they dominated the stage.




if aphex twin was the messiah then squapusher was the apostle here to guide us into the right direction. It certainly would seem that this invasion from Britain was something out of this world but as i saw once again the British flag roam around the squarepusher audience here was a different stage.  Unlike aphex twin ,squarepusher timeslot was shorter and the multitude of people still recovering and needing the next idm fix was here. Squarepusher may not have ask for a better crowd, here much like last night were fans of his and his work and of the genre. It was a glorious set.  Having started the set with Stor Eiglass it was a glorious sound hearing the crowd chant and cheer hearing the signature sounds of squarepusher who is blessing our ear with these gorgeous sounds.  It was a divine set full of twist but yet it remain classic squarepusher at its core. As the set winded down i was left once again almost tears of joy at how incredible this was.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Photo Credit: SARA-STRICK

like i said earlier in this post it was hard to believe that these artist had the energy and sheer strength to give us the performances we had seen so far. It was getting later into the evening and the cold had not stooped. It felt even colder and definitely felt like my feet and hands were frozen. However Unknown Mortal Orchestra manage to give us not only an amazing performance but a spectacular show stealing one. Its hard for me to imagine a raw powerful energy show considering how low key the vocal are but don’t let that fool you the vocals are divine and the performance was definitely a gem to be treasure to those who battle the cold like true warriors.

Bjork Digital

Photo Credit: ROGER-HO

There was no pause for me , i mean today felt insane already but to be blessed with Bjork was clearly divine intervention. Now i had seen many people complain about this set and even go so low leaving awfull comments about it let me explain one thing. If you did not like Bjork before this then why did you come to the set? This was not for the faint of heart nor was this the usual set it was something magical and adventuress for sure. This was my first time seeing Bjork and i felt like i have unlocked and achieved something i wasn’t sure what to expect she was a different world one to explore and to adapt to. The first five minutes we are left feeling  like this was dream, one that we had no control over. Bjork had put us under her spell and left us to wander the landscape she had place under the beautiful vocals in the first 6 minutes of her opening set as we hear her vocal say listen to me i feel like this is a warning that if we dont pay attention we may miss something important and we wont get another chance.

It was weird how the crowd,the cold and the sheer amount of people holding their phones snapchatting and instagraming away their cellphones battery life around you made you forget them as the ethereal vocals invaded the room. We hear it flood the room, i cannot hear the person next to me nor do i even try. At this point we must surrender ourselves to her and to the music she had chosen because to fight it would be a fools fight.

How appropriate the plants and sounds meshed together we were to be transported to a natural state, which i felt, at the 20 minute mark of the set i certainly felt the warmth of this set, It was weird or perhaps carefully calculated by Bjork how the vocals not only carried the melody of the set and set the tone and mood  her addition to the background sounds and design left me to tour in the landscape she had crafted. For those who were fortunate to see the installation i had heard some people cried of joy at how gorgeous it was. Sadly i was not able to see it but hearing this certainly let me paint a picture one that Bjork guided. If Aphex twin was the mesiah and squarepusher was the apostle then Bjork was the Angel showing us a glimpse of heaven.


In the End

we saw a city opening its arms to its guest reminding them that we have always been here and will be here and not to count us out. We saw the artistic community open its arms to us and even tho we were from different nations waiting in line at the restrooms and food and drink stands we chatted happily over the music and arts.

I saw parents bring their kids to these set and i saw people tear up at the performances , I dunno if its the houstonian in me that felt proud or the fan in me that felt a sense of respect to my fellow fans at how we had entered the storm and wild landscape that we tried to conquered but much like nature you cannot beat it you can only sit back and appreciate all the moments.

Thank you DayforNight , Thank you Houston, and Thank you* for coming to our city to all the artist to all the musical acts to everyone who came thinking we could conquer nature only to learn we are only visitors and must learn to appreciate what is before us and to protect it .