album of the month: Peach pit – Being so normal

Peach pit latest album -Being so normal , perfectly captures the bands fun and carefree attitude yet captures the seriousness and skilled fullness of keeping things chill .  Get to  know Peach Pit band members: Peter Wilton ,Chris Vanderkooy ,Mikey Pascuzzi and Neil Smith make up Peach pit with the release of the debut Ep Sweet F.A it was clear this band was one to keep their eyes on. With their latest album Being so normal it brings a more mature skilled sound.

Probably one of the best and brutality honest tracks in this album must be Techno Show, how the lead singer talks about how he really doesnt want to go to the techno show, hes not so wild about watching some guy spin the bass drop.
I feel like the album overall sound and lyrical tone creates a very comforting and friendly humor you would share with a friend. Yet the cool and very smart composition of sounds in tracks like Alrighty Aphrodite makes for such a well balanced track. Notable tracks like Not Me and Drop the Guillotine properly demonstrate the bands clear mastery of creating tracks that feel so chill yet the amazing force that creates such strong presence in their sound is the reason why this album is worth a listen to.