album of the month: Love what survives -Mount Kimbie

I have waited a long time to hear this and we finally get new Mount Kimbie and even some tracks shared alongside the amazing King Krule as well. This album is perfect, warp has been really bringing us such amazing works lately and Mount Kimbie surely has progressed into very familiar approached yet exploring strange new sounds that create a very aggressive and romantic sounds that make this album just perfection.


Probably one of the best albums of the year, there so much nostalgia fueled dreamlike tracks that sound so familiar yet are so refreshingly new as well, a certain magic spell that only Mount Kimbie could conjure up for us. The technical and specific sounds that craft are no mere accident or fluke there is serious layered,masterfully done. Truly is masterful album. I usually find a few tracks i dislike on albums but on this one its impossible, every track is so well balanced and well done, its delivery whether we have guest on the tracks such as the amazing talented Micachu whom we have been wanting to have come visit Houston,tx for a very long time and King Krule and James blake these amazing vocals sometimes get overshadowed by the amazing powerful presence the instrumentals take, Mount Kimbies productions game is so strong the track alone takes life and can take over at times the vocals.