album of the month: BJORK – Utopia

is it any surprise? I mean after last year when we got to  see Bjork at dayfornight it was probably one of the my happiest moments in life but i wasn’t sure if i was gonna hear a new album anytime soon from the artist. We weren’t sure what the new Bjork album had in store for us, but like all of Bjork musical projects it was a metamorphosis and entering a state of grace of sorts, one we needed to be keen on all instrumental forest she seems to create for us to explore for her masterful vocals to guide us.


Okay lets get this out of the way now, there’s flutes, alot of it.

the concept of utopia is one of lush and grand sounds that from the Venezuelan shamanic ritual recordings to organic synth sounds that play a grand force in this album its a lot of different elements creating this project.
in a collaboration at times with Arca and with a Hamrahlid choir and 12-piece Icelandic flute ensemble is among some elements that came together to create this project. To address the songs in this album i think its important to note that Bjorks most notable tracks like Arisen my senses, Utopia and Future forever or the very personal Sue Me track all have very personal messages she explores and hopes to transcends to the listener. The album has certain waves and peak sounds that has the trademark signature style Bjork has and yet its something we come to expect of the artist work now.

Utopia is definitely worth re listening over and over again, i feel as if i discover new sounds every time and something new appears. Bjork creates a sensory audio landscape that serves as a physical incarnation of the artist personal dilemmas and relationships. This is what creates utopia the conflict and personal peace that the artist tries to find on the last track. It is an amazing album that may go over your head when you first hear but its not traditional to her at the time, its true to her sounds and voice but perhaps its Arca collaboration with her creating a new sounds that properly define the Bjork of today. Its definitely one of the best album of this year, one i wasn’t expecting of her but needed especially in 2017.