local artist of the month: Miears

Producer/singer/songwriter MIEARS is from Houston, TX. MIEARS takes you on an emotional journey through her self-described melodic-pop soundscapes, complete with ethereal melodies, entrancing vocals, and rich synthesizers. Miears a.k.a Michelle Miears , the electronic pop artist based here in Houston,Tx is definitely on a campaign to win over the city with her dark synth pop sounds accompanied with her elegant and strong vocals that take us trough a mysterious musical landscape she has crafted for us.

Miears has been one of the most active artist in the city, so much so its been hard to keep up with her many shows , but this comes as no surprise since she was a member of the electronica trio BLSHS, she is a veteran of the music venue scene and festival circuit. With her solo debut as Miears with her album : Who will save you? paints a very strong emotional and personal picture , highlighted by beautiful production with dark synths and slow tempo  drums that create a beautiful tracks one can easily dance to and listen to as  headphone jams. Its a beautiful cross between two worlds that she has made a bridge for us but her production and vocals all come together strongest in the track: Reaching,that creates a very dreamlike and fragile like vocal yet very strong tone in this song. The personal sounds that can be felt in these tracks makes for a beautiful song.