Featured local artist of the month: Illfaded

This amazing and nice person a.k.a Illfaded is one of the most active musicians in the city , earlier this year we had the pleasure to meet him for his music video premiere with the amazing Guilla713  over at Top vintage, and Illfaded was brought to our attention at many shows and even during sxsw this year.  The producer,songwritter and dj is becoming more and more active since the debut of Vibes ,going on tour with Guilla and holding amazing dj sets at The secret group . Lets talk about vibes for a second, this well produced and great entry to the artist showcases a mature sound that feels like catching up with a homie and just chillin and getting ready to go out. A different sound we heard from Its okay to be happy a release he did back in 2016, with the 2016 release it was a upbeat positive and strong declaration as a emerging artist. Back to Vibes, this is definitely showcases of a skilled producer who collaborations with various artist showcases hes dynamic range and ability to capture the right rythmn and pace for songs.

One of the reasons why Illfaded  caught my attention is how honest he is not only via his music but also just as a person, 2017 definitely has been a wild year for everyone, but many artist stay low key after sxsw or take down a notch, Illfaded has remain a positive and upbeat and very friendly approach not only in collaborations but the ups and downs of just being an artist.

perhaps vibes, and the mv like Regular released back in january is how an artist deals with stress by ,mastering their craft and working on new projects. Projects like this speak not only to the music lovers but as a person, which is what makes a great artist.

and in a city were rap or hip-hop sometimes gets define but what car your drive, who you with, what side of town your on and so many other factors, we see a lot of heated debates about artist who just like to showcases a really aggressive version of themselves, one that may not be themselves. This is why Illfaded is so well received, he is very honest about his music and who he is and songs like regular and even in the awesome mv gotta go with Guilla, showcases how no matter what may lie up ahead hes gonna stay the same person, be true to himself and continue to reach for his goals.

Please follow and support this amazing artist.