Artist of the month: Men i trust

Founded in 2014, Men I Trust , is an indie band from Montreal (Canada) who loves smooth sounds, calm melodies and simple rhythms that relax, but make your right foot tap and your chin bounce on the beats. They record, mix, master and shoot their music videos.

Dragos,Jessy and Emma are making one of the most melodic and chill beats coming out of Canada. We have been seeing a lot of activity coming from this amazing trio, its definitely one of the best sounds from a band from 2017. Its important to note the trio was properly form in 2015 since then they have been working on crafting the perfect balance of sounds and melodies that highlight the carefree and strong vocals of Emma. The latest work of the band is a more nostalgic and full lavish sounds that even seem a bit cinematic a times that showcases the band skills in their production.

From their latest production of videos as well is a testament to their identity as the trio is evolving into a more mature sound that still carries the fun characteristics from  early projects but done with more precision. There is something magical in this collaboration between Dragos and Jessy to Emma vocals and timing in delivery. Whatever the cause for this recent spark it sure has been hard to ignore how much each song carries a strong momentum that Emma leads us in.

okay this track ive been listening over and over tbh