How can i submit my music to ASB ?

Please check out our music submission form,please note that this is the only channel we will accept music submission any other form we will not accept.

How to submit an event to asb ?

please submit all event to our event submission form page, this is the only channel to submit events, if its a media event partnetship please contact us via the media inquiry email contact.

will you review my music?

We dont do any reviews, ASM doesnt do reviews we only publish music we like, life too short to talk about things we dont like, we rather talk about the thing we do like.

Ive sent an event or music but havent heard back yet ?

There are many factors that go into what we post or cover, please read our music and event submission guidelines to make sure you meet the qualifications for submission and also note alot of is also the amount of submissions we get. We should be able to hear back from us within 24hr.

do you accept payment for reviews or coverage?

No,we will never accept any form of payment of any kind for any coverage or review. You be surprised how many times i had to write this email.

how do you decide what music gets posted ?

This depends alot of what our contributors are listening to,and sometimes we want to talk about an experimental jazz artist we just found or a lofi bedroom artist new on bandcamp,its really about finding genuinely rare gems.

Do you cover music not spoken in english ?

Yes we do and we love to get request from our international friends, music is a universal translator.Please head over to our submit music page for more information.

would you be interested in checking our show or event ?

We are happy to check out shows and events but our presence does not necessarily mean we will cover and post about the show/event. Please contact us before the date of the show/event to properly be able to attend the event.

Can i run an ad on ASB ?

Ofcourse, you may want to head over to our advertising/media page to view our media kit and contact information.

Can i write for asb?

We are always interested in meeting new people, please check out our job opportunities page and check out our guidelines before submitting an application.

can i intern for asb?

we dont offer internship,beacuse we dont think work shoud be free. However if you wish to apply for an entry level position head over to our job opportunities page to check out our requirements and guidelines before applying. Always get paid for your work,dont work for free!

why alpaca ?

the founder loves animals and one of them is an alpaca , to read more about it head over to our about us page.

That was very informative but i dinnt find the answer to my question

if you werent able to find the answer to a question,please contact us and let us know.