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Category: news

Hurricane Harvey

Hello friends,

its been a very difficult week here in houston,texas. With all the flood we have been busy helping our neighbors and friends and family trying to survive out here. One of the beautiful things of this city is we try to always help each other. I am once again …

Day for night 2016 Sound & light announcement


its only been five hours since the announcement was made but it has made the local media outlets gone crazy and made me very happy to say i am an houstonian. Already many other new sources are calling this the last great festival lineup of the year. I just wanna …

SXSW 2016

I am very excited to b going to SXSW this year, i will be there from 16-20 at various shows covering some of my favorite acts. Below are some of the shows that i highligthed for yall to check out. Please come out to these free shows …

Sorry bout that

So people who personally know me , know I recently switch jobs and I’ve been getting busy working on different projects. Sadly the blog got left alone, I wasn’t aware how many people were actually checking the YouTube and SoundCloud channel and also the site itself I want to apologize …