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Category: music spotlight

George West New EP ‘PALMETTO’


We would like to introduce Geroge West as we never officially covered him on the blog, yet we have seen him played before. Of the  many acts we have yet to cover here on the blog that are local gems and hidden treasures but i cant think of …

End of the Year TOP ALBUMS

What an amazing year this has been, i cannot stress how much we have endure and witness if there was anyone out there that told me that 2016 was going to be this crazy i would have had my reservations but certainly has we wind down here i know we …

Baby Lucy – Faster

The beautiful sounds of local band Baby Lucy is making me dance while in this summer heat.  Baby Lucy’s self-titled LP is the debut album from Houston, Texas-based musical veteran and multi-instrumentalist Troy Tabner. Baby Lucy is the culmination of six years’ worth of song doodles, melodic ideas, musical …

Petite League -Scarier is Forever via YoursTruly

Everytime Yourstruly spotlights an artist or a project,etc you know its very special and personal. I must say i really identify with the feelings this group of artist  when it comes to the d.i.y spirit to work on something for the community and for your own artist self. One …


The solo project from Chris Couri a.k.a Seadrift , chris is part of the amazing band  El LAGO from galveston,tx but hes been making music on his own for many years, his solo side project seadrift gives us a small portion of the many incarnations his sounds goes …

Flamingosis – Great Hair

been jammin to this album for a few weeks , im really loving all the amazing tracks , please follow flamingosis on soundcloud and bandcamp.

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re

If you arent familiar with this awesome group then allow me to introduce to you Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, is an  Japanese rock trio. Their style is eclectic punk rock, mixing noisy and pop instrumental sounds with idiosyncratic, quirky, often funny or disturbing lyrics. They are one of the …