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Category: mv of the month

MV of the month: Mondo Grosso – ラビリンス

So theres gonna be alot of dumb emails ima get for this choice but here is why this video was the best this month. Its very simple breakdown something i will now start to do for every MV choice of the month. For mondo grosso its pretty simple idea lets …

MV of the month: Bonnie Banane – L’ APPETIT

The color scheme, the art direction and editing is so perfect in this video its hard not to love L;APPETIT from Bonnie Banane. The track was so well done and creating the visual storyline to create a beatiful imersive video that makes you drown in its gorgeous imagery.
There so …

MV of the month – Antwon dri-fit

its not every day i see techno club tejano gangsters dancing in a rap music video but its a very different thing and perhaps this is what antwon wants to engrave into your eyes that this is a very different approach and definitely will make you want to re-see it …