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Category: mv of the month

music video of the month: Ari Lennox – GOAT

Ari Lennox  is one of the best vocalist out in the game right now and you should remember that name now because its not everyday we see and hear a track to a music video that leaves us in awe. The commanding voice and a presence that is felt trough …

Mv of the month: Rex Orange County – Loving is Easy (feat. Benny Sings)

Some of you may only know Rex via his appearance via Tyler the creator latest album Flower Boy, but Rex is an emerging artist with a very promising future . This gorgeous track could have been manufactured the standard dslr music video of cat and mouse chase of dating but …

MV of the month: Absent Lover-Exit someone

Theres certain magic indeed in this video and the gorgeous and fragile vocals paint a somewhat tender harmony with the visual that make for such an amazing music video. Theres alot that makes this mv simply genius and so simple that it creates a different narrative to those lyrics to …

MV of the month: Mondo Grosso – ラビリンス

So theres gonna be alot of dumb emails ima get for this choice but here is why this video was the best this month. Its very simple breakdown something i will now start to do for every MV choice of the month. For mondo grosso its pretty simple idea lets …

MV of the month: Bonnie Banane – L’ APPETIT

The color scheme, the art direction and editing is so perfect in this video its hard not to love L;APPETIT from Bonnie Banane. The track was so well done and creating the visual storyline to create a beatiful imersive video that makes you drown in its gorgeous imagery.
There so …

MV of the month – Antwon dri-fit

its not every day i see techno club tejano gangsters dancing in a rap music video but its a very different thing and perhaps this is what antwon wants to engrave into your eyes that this is a very different approach and definitely will make you want to re-see it …