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Category: artist of the month

Featured Artist of the month: Yaeji

The best thing about going on youtube its sometimes gives you a great recommendation and you feel like you been blessed and its even better when its not only a good song and video but its also an amazing new artist.
Yaeji a.k.a Kathy Lee is an New York/Seoul based producer/artist …

Artist of the month: Princess Nokia

If you haven’t heard Princess Nokia then you been missing out on one of the most individuals unique voices conquering the online markets. There is so much to love about her rhyme schemes and pure raw energy she brings to her verses. Pair that with a very brutally honest presentation …

Artist of the Month : Jay Som

Its rare to find an artist who quickly wins you over on every track, Ive never heard of Jay som until i went to the mitski show i had preview a track before liked it but hadnt had time to check out rest of the music. Much like myself yall …