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Category: album of the month

album of the month: BJORK – Utopia

is it any surprise? I mean after last year when we got to  see Bjork at dayfornight it was probably one of the my happiest moments in life but i wasn’t sure if i was gonna hear a new album anytime soon from the artist. We weren’t sure what the …

album of the month: Peach pit – Being so normal

Peach pit latest album -Being so normal , perfectly captures the bands fun and carefree attitude yet captures the seriousness and skilled fullness of keeping things chill .  Get to  know Peach Pit band members: Peter Wilton ,Chris Vanderkooy ,Mikey Pascuzzi and Neil Smith make up Peach pit with the …

album of the month: Love what survives -Mount Kimbie

I have waited a long time to hear this and we finally get new Mount Kimbie and even some tracks shared alongside the amazing King Krule as well. This album is perfect, warp has been really bringing us such amazing works lately and Mount Kimbie surely has progressed into …

album of the month: Palehound -A Place I’ll Always Go

Palehound is an American band fronted by Ellen Kempner who have released two albums, Dry Food and A Place I’ll Always Go (2017), the Bent Nail EP (2013) and a number of 7″ singles. Initially a solo project, the band currently features Kempner on vocals/guitar, Jesse Weiss on drums and …

Album of the month: IAN SWEET shapeshifter

There is  something very magical about this album, the hazzy and fuzzy small and soft voice of Jillian Medford is powerful but much like the beautiful melodies created with Damien Scalise and Tim Cheney. This is a  album that i feel highlights the melancholic moments you go trough life, …

Album of the month: Puberty 2 Mitski

What can i say about one fo the best new music out this year, i think its no surprise that mitski’s follow up to burry me at makeout creek would be this good,honestly its beyond good,beyond amazing its a very personal record and the songs are so well composed and …