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Category: trxxks mix

TRXXKS november – best new tracks of november

hello friends

We got some amazing new music to show yall, and very excited to hear what else these amazing artist have in store for us in 2018, it has been a  wild month. So lets get into it, here are the best tracks of 2017 for the month of november.

trxxks oct edition

This small little mix is some of the best we heard around bandcamp and souncloud, we often try to find artist who are still new and trying out new things so trxxks monthly mix doesn’t really post any more major establish artist that much i had gotten a few emails …

Trxxks mix for september

Hello yall,

this is a short and sweet trxxks playlist for the month of september, theres alot of fresh new faces in this mix, one notable newcomer is Clairo ,gets honorable mention for skyrocketing very quickly on the blogosphere for making quite the buzz to us music nerds. Also another awesome …

trxxks playlist for august

This awesome little playlist for august trxxks playlist focuses on highlighting the best music we find on bandcamp,soundcloud and youtube. we wanted to showcase some new artist and older artist that may have been overlooked a few months ago. Here is a comprehensive listing of all these amazing artist this …

November Trxxks playlist

This month has proven to be very busy but it seems like everyone is gearing up to make it big for december and the new year. I am very happy to be presenting this months playlist here are the featured artist for this months trxxks playlist:



Ama – I love …

Trxxks June 2016 edition

here is the very late collection of the best music videos for tri-hop/rap/beat/lo-fi/vaporwave/trap/synth/pop,etc Defientely happy to see some new artist on the list as well.

Samiyam- Earl Sweatshirt – Mirror ( stone throw records )
Homeboy Sandman – Eyes (Stones Throw records)
Aphex Twin – CIRKLON3 (Warp records)
Darstar empress of – Reformer ( …

trxxks may edition