What  is Alpacasoundblog?

alpacasoundblog was made to do what people naturally do ,that is share your favorite music with friends. Alapacasoundblog hopes to share amazing music from unknown, up and coming artist. Alpacasoundblog only has one rule,no reviews.


Why no reviews?

its simple what do i know about music? i love music but i dont think im qualify to judge it. This puts off potential new audiences because of popular opinion and doesn’t give the audience the opportunity to decided for themselves if they like the music or not.  This is why for anyone interested in becoming a contributor to this blog must know we do not do any reviews. We only share and give personal commentary on why we love it.

Sharing and promoting.

The only way we can show support to these new artist is to spread the word about them, and this is why ASB believes in the musical curated selection. Sharing and promoting artist that you should know about, be  it new or old/obscure/forgotten,etc.  ASB picks monthly selections of music that you should give a listen to and we hope to promote our local musical scene as well. Based in Houston,TX.