A little bit about us

Mission Statement:

Alpaca Sound Media (formerly alpaca sound blog ) is a music media publishing content maker that covers all genres of sub cultures of music around the world. Focusing on content outside of the mainstream and giving a voice to independent artist and a proper space for them to be showcased.


ASM was founded in 2015 by Josh O. Creative director & Founder ,after SXSW 2015, meeting and interacting with fellow artist returned to Houston,TX to create a online space that covered Houston’s diverse and growing music scene.

The Team

The Site is run by many different contributors and driving forces,spread around Texas with contributors in San Antonio,San Marcos,Austin,Dallas and Fort Worth. Hoping to better captured the true nature and current state of the Texas music scene. Check our our Staff Listing

how we do things

Alpaca Sound Media

We really love music, catch our contributors going to shows, in the mosh pits, at fringe house shows and diy pop up venues out scouting for the newest spots.Heres a breakdown of how our website we curate and display content.

The Latest

The Latest: a constant stream of music,playlist,music videos,news,events, all content directly,sweet and simple


This is the best music of the month, from artist,songs,videos,albums, its a pretty reliable list to keeping your music playlist happy.

The Rewind

We love music videos every month we featured the best music videos from around the web, from artist and fan made music videos.

Local spotlight

Wether in Houston,Austin,Dallas,San Antonio or Fort Worth,etc were gonna give a special spot to our texas friends to properly represent our cities and state to the world.


Close up: Interviews : Interviews with some of our favorite people from producers, to artist, directors, and studios, a close up look



From pop up shows,to house shows its kinda unpredictable in houston,we only post shows we think our visitors would enjoy ,so check them out.

Want to work together on something,Give us a call

If your interested in working with us on a event, or if your an artist
interested in submitting music or if you would like to advertise please get in touch with us and lets talk