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The Rewind july 2016

the best mv of july review, this month has been crazy so much going on. After everything we get to see some sweet and amazing music videos so as always please show these artist some love yall and follow them! Thank you.


Hinds- Warts
Pictureplan – Joyrider (anticon records )
Xenia Rubinos – …

Baby Lucy – Faster

The beautiful sounds of local band Baby Lucy is making me dance while in this summer heat.  Baby Lucy’s self-titled LP is the debut album from Houston, Texas-based musical veteran and multi-instrumentalist Troy Tabner. Baby Lucy is the culmination of six years’ worth of song doodles, melodic ideas, musical …



really loving the b-sides from boosegumps , the lo-fi ,bedroom pop sounds from Heeyoon Won . Out from It takes time records.

also gotta show some love on the play on words from the goosebumps tv show , Boosegumps delivers very sincere and personal sounds that will resonate with you. …

Negative Gemini – Don’t Worry Bout the Fuck I’m Doing

Body Work by Negative Gemini

Negative Gemini straight killing it with “Don’t Worry Bout the Fuck I’m Doing” – a dreamy rhythm soaked shoutout to all the fuckbois out there, bless up girl – she’s coming out over on 100% electronica – they doing it right 2k16~

This album drops …

The rewind june edition

June was an amazing and crazy month, alot of new music and alot of nice new videos on this playlist this month. As always i try to hunt down the music videos you should check out. Feel free to email me about any music videos you or your band have …

Skull Mix june edition

Once again sorry for the late post on these mv collections its been a crazy month so far, but overall getting better i think anyways.  Here is the listing of the best music videos under the skull mix mv playlist for : lofi,garage,rock,punk,alternative,shoegaze,etc.All that good stuff, please follow and support …

Trxxks June 2016 edition

here is the very late collection of the best music videos for tri-hop/rap/beat/lo-fi/vaporwave/trap/synth/pop,etc Defientely happy to see some new artist on the list as well.

Samiyam- Earl Sweatshirt – Mirror ( stone throw records )
Homeboy Sandman – Eyes (Stones Throw records)
Aphex Twin – CIRKLON3 (Warp records)
Darstar empress of – Reformer ( …

Artist of the Month : Jay Som

Its rare to find an artist who quickly wins you over on every track, Ive never heard of Jay som until i went to the mitski show i had preview a track before liked it but hadnt had time to check out rest of the music. Much like myself yall …

Album of the month: Puberty 2 Mitski

What can i say about one fo the best new music out this year, i think its no surprise that mitski’s follow up to burry me at makeout creek would be this good,honestly its beyond good,beyond amazing its a very personal record and the songs are so well composed and …

Song of the month: Ryan Hemsworth -Burying the sun

Once again Ryan hemsworth is showing us something new in the sounds he explores and gets us moving again in this awesome track, I defienetly am very excited to hear more new stuff.